Topaz Cools Boiling Water and Tempers

According to legend, November birthstone topaz has the ability to control heat, and thus could cool down boiling water. This may be linked to the modern day association of topaz healing anger – cooling tempers as well as water!

Symbolism & Folklore

Topaz is associated with: love and affection, the Egyptian sun god Ra
Topaz is considered the stone of: wisdom, longevity, tenacity, resilience, dedication
Topaz has been said to: break spells, heal anger, increase strength and intellect, cut through confusion and promote clear thinking

Origins & Characteristics

The well accepted theory of the origins of the name topaz is that it comes from the Greek term “topazios” or “topazion,” the ancient name of an island in the Red Sea now called Zabargad. Another more interesting theory is that the name comes from the Sanskrit word “tapas,” meaning intense dedication in the form of a fire oath! The yellow-orange variety is the November color, but Topaz comes in an array of other colors as well, including pink, purple, blue, and lab induced green or white.